American Business Equity works as a business brokerage firm for small business and family operated business entities.  Our investors are high net worth individuals and previous business owners.  Are you ready to look at income from commercial real estate?

Are you an Investor looking for income returns without all the hassle of landlording? 

Tired of the returns in a CD or bank savings account guaranteed by the FDIC? 

Can’t stomach the daily roller coaster of the stock market with no predictable returns at the end of the day?

Or Worse, your 401k is taking the hits and your retirement day is getting closer, what will you do next?

Try looking at Commercial Real Estate as a solid predictable income investment backed by guaranteed corporate leases with no landlord headaches.  This isn't for everybody, you have to qualify and be an accredited investor.  We will walk you thru the discovery process of several opportunities. There are options nationwide at all investment levels. See if you qualify and contact us today.

"Making you Liquid Again"

Contact us at: (630) 803-2262

Contact us at: (630) 803-2262

Contact us today at (630) 803-2262; email: or complete the form below to receive more information.

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